Job ID:Req-7134
Job Title:UI Developer
Description:5+ years experience writing custom HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Expertise writing semantic, modular front end code using HTML5, CSS3, and W3C coding practices a must. Understanding the concepts of progressive enhancement, mobile first and responsive design are highly encouraged. Experience with CSS frameworks (e.g. SASS, LESS) and Javascript MV* Frameworks (e.g. Backbone, AngularJS, Ember) is a plus.

Additional requirements:
- Familiarity with browser testing and debugging
- Expertise in performance optimization using tools such as YSlow or PageSpeed
- Experience navigating Photoshop and slicing/saving images for the web.
- Experience writing simple SQL statements (SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE)
- Experience using jQuery
- Experience using JSP/JSTL or equivalent server side templating language (PHP, ASP)
- A firm grasp of SEO / SEM best practices

- We like people who stays up to date with current technologies. They read development blogs, newsletters, follow other notable developers on Twitter, etc.
- We like people who is passionate about what they do. They have side projects, their own website, and contribute to Github projects