Job ID:3106
Job Title:Foreclosure Specialist
 High school diploma required
 Bachelor’s degree preferred
 Minimum 1 year Mortgage Servicing experience
 Minimum 3 years Foreclosure experience preferred
 Knowledge of escrow and insurance requirements
 Knowledge of Real Estate/Loan documents, including loan closing and foreclosure
 Excellent organizational and time management skills
 Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
 Ability to use sound judgment and make accurate decisions
 Effective verbal, written and communication skills
 Ability to multitask and demonstrate strong leadership and people skills
 Ability to independently solve complex problems
 Proficient in Microsoft Office applications
 Familiar with LPS desktop and MSP workstations
Cradle to grave and Multi State, FHA, VA, Conventional
Description:The Foreclosure Specialist is responsible for the completion of routine foreclosures, compliance with all state laws and investors, insurers, and company time frames.
Conducts a complete review of the foreclosure file to ensure all default timeframes have been met
 Requests and reviews all updated documentation from Investors, Insurers, and Agencies to ensure compliance
 Manages foreclosure proceedings on assigned cases by interacting and instructing various parties such as mortgagors, attorneys, investors, insurers, Realtors, appraisers and any other party involved with the foreclosure
 Monitors the attorney’s performance by reviewing all proceedings, records and timeframes in addition to working all system/database activities throughout the foreclosure process
 Diligently follows up on all outstanding requests and telephone calls from internal and external customers
 Requests, follows up and reviews in detail all appraisals and BPO’s for accuracy to determine the value of the property for the foreclosure sale, calculation of loss analysis, establishment of deficiency judgments, payments of advances, and/or recovery situations
 Upon request, provides the attorney with accurate foreclosure figures, including reinstatement, payoff, and assumption figures, which will be provided to external parties by the attorney. In addition, provides the attorney with accurately executed documents as requested
 Prepares bidding instructions, ensuring compliance with Investor, Insurer, Agency and company guidelines
 Performs required research on any loan with questionable items such as the application of payments, proper foreclosure notification, who to foreclose in the name of and any other situation that may arise
 Processes all foreclosure sale results within the Investor, Insurer, Agency and company guidelines
 Assists other Foreclosure Specialists and acts as a backup when others are out of the office
 Actively reviews and pursues all loss mitigation alternatives in all appropriate customer circumstances and forwards any potential customers to the appropriate Loss Mitigation Department for consideration
 Performs other duties as assigned by management